Science- How, Why, and What?

You are well familiar with the word ‘Science’! Have you ever thought of what science is, and how people came across viewing everything in a particular way of understanding things? As we know, there is no certain or confirmative way to approach things. When you view a flower, one may enjoy the beauty of the flower, the other may think of how the flower is swaying with the wind, and some others may think of the colour formation, how it was formed, or any other aspect of it. The view of a flower generates several thoughts in our brains. It is interesting to investigate the various dimensions of every single thought in our heads. It was such an expedition through our logical thoughts that gave birth to science, the “logical answer to all”.

According to the Science Council, the definition of science is “the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.”
The word science is derived from the Latin word Scientia which means knowledge, awareness, and understanding or simply, to know. We meander a bit while using it, but, we get closer to understanding reality in the long run. There are many branches of science, dealing with each and everything that we see around us. Some examples are Kalology [kalós means beautiful, in Greek; Kalo- +‎ -logy]; the study of beauty and aesthetics, Nephology [Nepho means relating to clouds]; the study of clouds, Etymology [Etymon means "origin of a word" in Latin]; the study of the origin of words, etc. Any word ending with ‘ology’ means the study.

There is another perspective of what you observe! We go through several stages while growing. Just consider your current stage, the proficiency you’ve attained, and the experience you’ve gained! This is exactly how science was formed; through experimentation, observation, inference, the validity of the results, and reproducibility.

The world of science is not completely explored. Our mind is voraciously searching to understand the mysteries of this world. The awareness that we acquired or the familiarity gained from our experience paves the way for the journey. Next time when you come across a situation, try to observe it from various angles! Whether you know it or not, you're soaking yourself in science!

by Chandni Krishna

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