Effective Use of ICT in Education

The world witnessed a devastating pandemic, which made people realise many things. One of them was how technology can be efficiently used. When schools and colleges were closed completely, there was panic around the world about what would happen to the future of students. It was then that technology came to the rescue. Instead of losing two whole academic years, the students continued their education online. This can be said as the most efficient and effective use of technology.

We are living in a technology-governed era where an easy exchange of knowledge happens because of technology. This has brought significant changes in how people think, act, and live. The education system of every country is aware of these changes and has started to include Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) in their curriculum. This practice made children familiar with new technologies from a very early stage. Integration of information, communication and technology in schools is the new normal now, where students use them daily to achieve an advanced learning process.

Among students, there is an increased interest in learning after the introduction of ICT. They have started to learn the same subject with more engagement and enthusiasm because learning is accompanied by fun and enjoyment. The other advantages of ICT include affordability and accessibility. Anyone can access education sitting in any corner of the world. The only requirement is internet connectivity. Students can pursue cost-effective online courses in their field of interest while sitting at home.

The growth of ICT is not an overnight process; it takes place gradually, but with time, tremendous changes can be observed. One of the best parts of ICT is that it can be accessed at any time, with no time restrictions. ICT also helps to bridge cultural differences. Students from every part of the world can gather on an online learning platform and learn together. This provides more exposure and acceptance of differences among students.

ICT is highly beneficial for teachers as well. With the use of various technologies, teachers can teach students in a more systemised manner. They can teach numerous concepts with attractive images and videos. Complex topics can be simplified and shown through PowerPoint presentations and animated videos. These visuals remain in the memory of students, which helps them to memorise all the relevant topics in detail. In the present era, it is impossible to build an educational system without the inclusion of ICT because it has paved the way for a digital culture that improves the quality of education.

by Priyanka

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