Artificial Intelligence: Transforming World

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is mankind’s last invention”.

This famous line from The Terminator (1984) is widely known to us. In the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought a revolution in the technological world. With AI, our future seems to be more appealing. As the word sounds, artificial intelligence is artificially created intelligence when machines perform activities like human beings, requiring a level of judgement and discretion only possible by humans. In other words, AI is the simulation of human intelligence using machines. Self-driving vehicles and virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, face recognition etc. are some examples of AI.

Although AI is a modern technology, it has its roots deep in the past. Even the term artificial intelligence was first introduced in 1956 by the American computer scientist John McCarthy, who is known as the father of artificial intelligence.

AI has set all its verticles to be the future of innovative technology. As per the experts, this technology would become a necessity of human life. It has already become a significant part of various fields such as healthcare, education, military, automation, industry etc. It is the main driver of a lot of emerging technologies, such as robotics. The fact that we can get answers to our questions without typing them on our mobile phones using virtual assistants shows how advancing the technology is.

Today, with all of these facilities, AI is easing and improving our lives. In the future, AI-driven technology will further enhance and replace human capabilities in many fields. However, AI will not always be able to give humanistic feelings. Besides, it can prove to be a threat to mankind, if employed in the wrong way. This is why it should be limited to circumstances where it can be used only where it is required.

by Shiwani

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