Benefits of Doodling

There was a time when doodling was considered a waste of time. People hardly considered doodling as a useful activity, nor were doodles considered a piece of art. Parents were hesitant to encourage their kids when they said they wanted to study doodling. But the current scenario is totally different, where doodling is considered a useful skill. Even science says that doodling is a healthy exercise for the brain!

Even the greatest scientific brains will find doodling an interesting hobby because it builds the brain and keeps the doodler enthusiastic and energetic. Doodling is a great hobby, both kids and adults can equally adopt because it has a number of great benefits. It helps relax the body and mind. When you are stressed or depressed, doodling helps you to calm down in your safe zone without causing any harm. It helps you to release all the worries and tensions.

Jackie Andre, a psychologist, studied how doodling helps to build memory power. Children who doodle have greater memory power than non-doodlers. To prove this, she conducted a study. She divided her students into two groups of twenty each and asked them to listen to a telephone conversation. The first group was asked to doodle when they heard the conversation, the rest were just instructed to listen without drawing anything. Students who doodled were able to recall the conversation better than the non-doodlers. This study shows how doodling helps to keep your brain active by boosting your memory power and thinking capacity.

Another significant feature of doodling is that it paves the way for a highly creative mind. Doodling is not merely a solution to keep you away from stress but it is a creative process where you have to think creatively about what should go on the canvas. When you think, the ideas in your subconscious mind will automatically reflect in your drawing. Great authors like Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, J.K. Rowling etc. were also great at doodling. Alexander Pushkin used to doodle his characters at the edges of his manuscripts, bringing his imagination to life. Dostoyevsky used to draw his characters in between the sentences. He used to weave his words and characters together in his manuscript. J.K Rowling did doodling to convey her stories and characters with better clarity. So, we can say that all the wonderful literary works and ideas that we saw have a great connection with doodling!

Doodling is not an act of wasting time by scribbling, rather, an activity that helps you learn effectively, express emotions creatively, and something that broadens your thinking. It is a process that helps you connect with your inner self and gives you more insight into yourself.

by Priyanka

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