Course Outline

This celebrity dancer duo will be bringing their famed energy and firecracker moves to this course. Meet Anagha Maria Varghese, an actor and dancer who owns the dance floor in hip-hop, contemporary and Bollywood styles. She is joined by Rishdhan Abdul Rasheed, the mega-talented theatre performer and dance director who has been part of a whopping 500 live performances. The duo has choreographed routines for blockbuster films and is no stranger to training kids in various forms of dance. Dance is their passion and teaching it is their privilege.

Course Outcomes

Creative expression

Increased flexibility

Creative expression


Creative expression


Creative expression

Posture improvement

Creative expression

Artistic expression

Creative expression

Improved balance


We have left nothing to chance and put all our efforts into designing a comprehensive, holistic curriculum and, most importantly, fun! Our instructor-led live sessions and concept videos have been created with a complete learning experience in mind.

Session 1


Session 2

Bounce & Side step

Session 3

The Smurf & Kool Moe Dee

Session 4

Rocking & Reebok

Session 5

ATL Stomp

Session 6

Slide & Wiper

Session 7

Choreography Roundup_01

Session 8

Variation & Poses

Session 9

Choreography roundup_02

Session 10

Bart simpsons

Session 11


Session 12


Session 13

Wu tang

Session 14

Warp & Bus stop

Session 15

Main Choreography Roundup

Session 16

Choreo Revision

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