Course Outline

Yoga, at an early age, encourages self-esteem and an awareness of one’s own body and mind, with noncompetitive physical activities. Through this beginner-level course in Yoga, we will help your child understand the physical, mental and emotional development of their self. This course will take your child through guided mindfulness meditations and relaxation practices. With the growing awareness about mind, body and soul, this course will transpire a sense of understanding of your child’s own self, in relation to their interactions with their peers and community.

Course Outcomes

Creative expression


Creative expression


Creative expression

Mental strength

Creative expression

Core balance

Creative expression

Emotional refinement


On par with the international standard of education, the curriculum set for Yoga assures that your child is exposed to the art and science of introductory Yoga exercises and mindfulness practices. Visualising all aspects of posture, breathing, and meditation, our curriculum reflects the need for assessment of your child’s mental and physical health.

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Session 3


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