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Being the second most commonly used scientific language and the third largest contributor to research and development, knowledge of German increases your child’s higher education placements and thereby, in the future, job opportunities with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad. Our flexible course programme offers the most suitable German course for your child’s personal needs. They are designed to provide you with a good idea of what you might cover over a 9-week period and include typical themes, grammar and vocabulary fields. If you choose flexibility over prescription, our instructors can adapt their learning plans to the specific level, aims and interests of their classes.

Course Outcomes

Creative expression


Creative expression


Creative expression

Globalised exposure

Creative expression


Creative expression

Public speaking

Creative expression

Interpretation and translation


It’s common to ignore common cultural practices while learning a new language. The learning environment and ethnical differences amongst various communities are often disregarded in this process and can be a hindrance when picking up a new language. Our curriculum is designed in a way to incorporate the current trends and the dynamic nature of language, fairly placed in the backdrop of the culture from which it’s drawn upon.

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