Course Outline

Our expert instructor, SoozayQ will lead your child through the world of painting. A self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist with more than 8 years of experience in art, design and photography. An active presence on instagram, she has also set out into modern artistic endeavours like NFTs. Her work reflects the love for balance, colours, harmony in composition, fun in creation and concepts tied heavily to her roots: nostalgia, womanhood and life. Her artwork, the portrait of ‘Frida Kahlo’ has been published by Monsa Publications, Barcelona, Spain. A passionate and enthusiastic teacher, SoozayQ is committed to inspire and explore new directions for your kids.

Course Outcomes

Creative expression

Understanding of colours

Creative expression

Creative expression

Creative expression

Artistic temperament

Creative expression

Attention to detail

Creative expression

Hand-eye coordination

Creative expression



We have left nothing to chance and put all our efforts into designing a comprehensive, holistic curriculum and, most importantly, fun! Our instructor-led live sessions and concept videos have been created with a complete learning experience in mind.

Session 1


Session 2


Session 3

FIND THE Rainbow

Session 4

Mix THE Colours

Session 5

Shade It Up

Session 6


Session 7

Spot the Complementary colours

Session 8

Meet the Patterns

Session 9

Composition Begins

Session 10

All together Now

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