About Us

About Us

Taught is an online academy for extracurricular learning where we offer interactive and engaging courses and workshops for children in the 5-15 age group. We believe in encouraging and motivating children to pursue extracurricular learning as it serves as an important aspect of their holistic development.

We have a dream! We want the children of today to have access to the joys of extracurricular skills from the safety and comfort of their homes! We are looking to help parents to bring out the very best in their children as they grow into all-rounded, multi-talented, and well-skilled young adults of tomorrow.


Our Vision

  • Elevate the importance of extra-curricular learning in the new era of education
  • Foster new areas of growth that help shape character, enhance interaction and promote creativity
  • Build a global community of enthusiastic learners who are passionate and confident in what they do

Payment Options
payment options

Taught offers you multiple payment methods. Payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times. You may use Internet Banking, Wallet or QR Support to make your purchase.